Mini Non-Bypass Instruction Manuals


If the door is too thick, it is recommended to install a board with enough support on the wall. This will prevent the door from hitting the wall.

Also need to buy longer screws from the local hardware store.

A: On the premise of safety, the track can be cut.

Please pay attention to the position of the hole when cutting to avoid damaging the mounting structure.

A: The mini barn door kit is for like a cabinet.

A: Dear friends, I’m very sorry. Our products don’t include door panels. We don’t sell door panels in our shop, but please don’t worry. Our hardware suite is suitable for 9/16 “to 1-1/8” thick door panels. You can buy them according to your needs.

A: Dear friends, our products do not include door panels, so you can choose the appropriate length of door panels according to your own needs. Max load of the panel: 100 lbs.

A: Yes ,dear friend, if you don’t know what size of the Mini Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit you should get, you can send the size of your cabinet to us, here we provide 7*24hrs customer service, and try our best with your concern. You can contact us at any time.