Non-Bypass Instruction Manual


A: Make sure you tell the manufacturer that the door thickness is 2″. they should give you spacers that will accommodate that size door. I think the regular hardware is for a door 1 3/4″ width. For a 2″ door, you will have to have a bit longer spacers so that the rail is farther from the wall. If you use the 1 3/4″ hardware (spacers) there is a chance a 2″ door will not be far enough from the wall to roll smoothly, and may rub against the wall. If they don’t have hardware for a 2″ door, you can probably find something at your local hardware store to make it work. Basically, it is not a big deal if the door is 1/4 to 1/2 wider than it calls for. You could even use pieces of copper pipe for spacers, cutting them to the size you need, and then paint them black.

A: Our hardware can fit door panel thickness: 1 3/5″-1 3/4″.If you door thickness is 2″.We suggest you can change the screws which fix hanger on the door to a longer one by yourself.