Ceiing Mount for Non-Bypass


A: You need to install the wooden plugs if you install the screws in the concrete wall, and you do not need the wooden plugs if your ceiling is also wooden ceiling.
This is the small tips for install this sliding barn door hardware.

A: The clearance from top of door to ceiling is 6 inches for ceiling bracket mount sliding barn door hardware kit.

A: Our product is suitable for the real wall, the ceiling decoration is not ok for installing

A: Ceiling Mount Bracket Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit is strong enough for your door. The wooden plugs will not enlarge the hole after installation.

A: The clearance from the top of the door to the ceiling is 6.7inch for this sliding barnwood door hardware kit.

A: The 9ft ceiling mount has squared off ends that could probably be butted up against each other to create a longer rail. This might also be the case for the 5ft.

A: If you want to use the floor guide, then most likely. You can also ended up making a fake beam to hang it on, which lowered it more.

A: Each door is 48inches, right?
If so, you need 16ft rails.
If you each door panel is 24inches, 8ft sliding barn door hardware kit is OK.

A: If it drops 6.7” then 88” or you will need to add a beam at the top to drop it down